Ostfriesland Energie

East-frisian energy cooperative Ostfriesland Energie offers renewable energy. We made them flyers with a cute kitten.  

Mathew Gallery

Bright-coloured flyers tell you what’s up at the art gallery Mathew in Berlin.    


We made wonderful business cards for New York architects Wunderkammer.

Inkmap Logo

Inkmap makes maps for e-readers, we made a snazzy logo for Inkmap.

Wie überlebe ich als Künstler

Ina Ross has written a survival book for artists. We made it look nice.     

Lost in Music Flyer

Flyers for our dear friends at Lost in Music. Go see them spinning records in Hamburg.

Happy Birthday Pareidolia

The first issue of Pareidolia was published in 2008. Happy 5th anniversary!

Angriff der Bluthegel!

Poster for an exhibition, author reading and punk rock show with ITFs Tim Reuscher, Bdolf of Fleischlego and others. Flyer, poster and two prints from the exhibition:


We designed a book for forschungsgruppe_f: Bam! was published on the occasion of the forschungsgruppe_f exhibition “f_kommt” at the Kunstverein Bamberg.  


Sound systems became louder—capable of playing bass frequencies at 30,000 watts or more, with similar wattage attainable at the mid-range and high frequencies—and far more complex than their predecessors, record players with a single extension speaker. Poster for Sternstunden des

Oger T-Shirt

The oger from the comicbook Un-Sung screenprinted on greenish-grey t-shirts. If you like stories about friendship, cannibalism and the occult, get the shirt and the comicbooks at Sternstunden des Kapitalismus.


Graphic Design for “Smaragd”. Invitation to a Concert of indie genius Momus.

Poster Workshop

The most beautiful word in the German language is “ergebnisorientiert”. Tim Reuschers workshop at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“ produced results while getting lost in the process. Students of the department for Puppetry at the Ernst Busch Academy of

Lost in Music Poster

Ongoing poster series for our dear friends at Lost in Music. See them spinning records at Molotow, meine Grüner Jäger and Kleinraumdisko in Hamburg.  

Materie House 2013

Brochure about an artist resedency in planning at the Black Mountain College. Materials: Introduction by Josef Albers, unbuilt architecture model by Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, materie by Bauhaus and Black Mountain College students, modern materie, modern drawings, modern text.


Illustration for Biestereld ChemLogs. Biestereld ChemLogs offers services in the fields of chemistry, logistics and service and has a decade of experience to fall back on when filling, decanting and mixing chemicals. Sadly, the illustration did not make it to


Pdf booklet for audiobooks about autism and schizophrenia. For LAUSCH.

Žižek und der Grosse Andere

A series of Posters about Slavoy Žižek, the Big Other and a joke Žižek always used to tell. A version of the Posters was shown at Pareidolia 20.


General flyer for Smaragd. Should the colors of your argyle sweater match the color of your tassel loafers?

Hegel T-Shirt

We made dialectic materialistic Hegel T-Shirts for Sternstunden des Kapitalismus. Get them there or get them for free with a subscription to Phase 2.  

Pareidolia Artbook

The Pareidolia Artbook showcases illustrations done for Pareidolia Magazin from 2008 to 2012. Printed on our very own Risograph, the Pareidolia Artbook is for sale at Sternstunden des Kapitalismus and ships with a poster and an awesome sticker.  

Bankleer, Finger In The Pie

Graphic Design for “Bankleer, Finger In The Pie“. Catalogue, Logotype and Poster. Edited by bankleer, Karin Kasböck & Christoph Maria Leitner Texts by Nataša Ilic (WHW), Daniela Stöppel, Diedrich Diederichsen, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), Dietrich Heißenbüttel bankleer’s works and projects

Le Camion

A series of risopgraph prints of illustrations to Marguerite Duras’ “Le Camion“. Images from locations mentioned in the book (Tim had not seen the movie when he made the ilustrations) were researched with Google streetview and combined with images of


Handcrafted logotype, corporate design, stationery, and some nice cards for Zeitguised.


Programme and logo for the art space 4D September 19 – December 19, 2011 Organized by Juliane Solmsdorf & Matti Bergmann Exhibitions: Peter Kortmann, Valerie Stahl von Stromberg, Nina Rhode, Juliane Solmsdorf, Lena Inken Schaefer , Juliette Blightmann, Mirjam Thomann,

Un-Sung 1&2

Unsung is a comic book by Tim Reuscher. It’s about cannibalism and friendship and adventures. Get it at Sdk or at Strips & Stories im Hamburg.  

Kunst- und Künstlerkritik

Invitation and advertisement for the Kunstverein Freiburg e. V.  / Kunstbüro der Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg. The event centers on changing structures in art criticsm, its media and it’s spheres of discourse.

China. Der deutschen Presse Märchenland 2

by Vera Tollmann 40 Seiten, broschiert, 5 Euro 1. Auflage Oktober 2011 erhältlich in den Buchhandlungen Walther König, b_books, Motto, Pro qm oder hier Diese Publikation ist eine Hommage an den in diesem Jahr verstorbenen Hamburger Sozialwissenschaftler Günter Amendt und

Geist, Logik, Natur

Print “Spirit, Logic, Nature”: Illustration to Hegels “System of Science”.

Roman Flügel · Fatty Folders, Dial LP/CD 23

Graphic Design for Roman Flügels first album on dial records, including a 12 p. booklet with photographs by Josephine Pryde.

John Roberts · Glass Eights, Dial CD / LP 22

Graphic Design for John Roberts beautiful longplaying debut on Dial Records. Cover Idea: John Roberts


Using the examples of two post-war cities — Mostar and Kabul – this book aims to tackle the question of how the institutions and activities of the international community influence newly emerging daily city life.


Illustrations published in Pareidolia magazine. You can read Pareidolia online.

An Architektur

Development, graphic design, editorial design, information graphics for all 23 issues of An Architektur – Production and Use of the Built Environment running from 2002 – 2010 http://www.anarchitektur.com/aa_publikationen/aa_publikationen_en.html The journal An Architektur was founded at the beginning of 2002 continuing

Do you want to study at the Bauhaus?

Why wouldn’t you? Posters for the Bauhaus Kolleg, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau.

Efdemin · Chicago, Dial LP/CD 21

Graphic design for Efdemins groundbreaking second album.

Theater of Peace / Friedensschauplätze

Logo, posters, flyers, website (with Stefan Frank) and catalogue for Theater of Peace / Friedensschauplätze. Theater of Peace / Friedensschauplätze was initiated as an exhibition project, catalogue, web database in the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK).

Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture, Towards Post-Capitalist Spaces

ITF Grafikdesign provides the bold graphics on posters and flyers for Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture. November 12 – 21, 2009 Gair Building No 6, 81 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 The transformation of the urban landscape within the last

Technology Review II

More illustrations for a column in the german edition of Technology Review. (previously)  

Get on Site!

Poster for international summer school ‘Bauhaus City – Get on Site!’ on the Bahaus Dessau’s 90th anniversary. We also did a website.


Berlin art magazine *STARSHIP*


Art catalog for forschungsgruppe_f

An Architektur 19, Community Design

Editorial design etc., 80 p., illustr. b/w and color, english Involvement and Architecture in the US since 1963. Community Design denominates a socially engaged architecture and planning practice that cultivates a self organized and participatory planning approach since more than

An Architektur 22, GAMMA Grid, 1953

The End of CIAM and the Bidonvilles of Casablanca, 108 p., illustr. b/w, mainly german With kind support of Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin and École Nationale d`Architecture de Rabat, Phototèque

An Architektur 10, Gemeinschaftsräume

An Architektur 10, Community Spaces, 60 pages, + 29 posters, different formats, b/w and color, german If space was the implementation and the venue of the negotiation of political conditions and if the political was always constructed in relation to

Arthur Berlin

Postcards & business cards for Arthur Berlin. The (formerly) bourgeois Burberry Nova Check as Berlins city maps.

Technology Review

Illustrations for a column in the german edition of Technology Review

Documenta Buchhandlung

Plastic bags for the books at the Pro qm Bookstore at the documenta 12. So it’s quite old. We still love it though.

Niemand regiert die Welt

Sticker for classless.org  

Amelie von Wulffen

First Catalog for the painter Amelie von Wulffen. Hrsg. Philipp Kaiser, Rita Kersting Texte von Manfred Hermes, Philipp Kaiser, Josef Strau, Gespräch mit der Künstlerin von Rita Kersting Deutsch/Englisch, 2005. 208 Seiten, 238 Abb., davon 228 farbig, 23,50 x 31,10

An Architektur ffm

An Architektur 15 / FFM Heft 11. A cooperation of the Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration and An Architektur as part of the project TRANSIT MIGRATION for the exhibition “Projekt Migration”.  


Moneynations, constructing the border – constructing the east west Marion v. Osten with Jochen Becker, Peter Spillmann and Dana Diminescu 240 Pages Edition Selene, Vienna